1892 - Emil Costinescu, a Romanian businessman, builds a plant in Sinaia, to manufacture nails, screws and nuts.
1913 - Emil Costinescu Joint-Stock Company (”ECJSC”) is incorporated.
1938 - Ammunition production starts.
1940 to 1945 - During World War II, ECJSC faces serious financial difficulties.
1948 - Nationalization of private property transfers all Romanian enterprises to Government ownership.
1953 - Production of Fuel Injection Equipment (”FIE”) commences.
1967 - MEFIN signs a ten-year licence agreement with BOSCH Germany for in-line FIE manufacture.
1969 - MEFIN signs a licence agreement with LUCAS-CAV U.K. (now part of Delphi) for rotary FIE manufacture.
1982 - A 20,000 sqm manufacturing facility is built, doubling  existing FIE manufacture capacity.
1989 - Ceausescu regime is toppled; Romania commences a transition from a centrally-planned, state-owned economy to a free-market, capitalist system.
1995 - The Romanian Government commences the privatization process of MEFIN.
1997 - MEFIN achieves the ISO 9001:1997 quality certification from SGS - Belgium. MEFIN becomes member of Association of Diesel Specialists.
2002 - After several failed privatization attempts, the Walbridge Group, based in Detroit, Michigan, USA, announces its intent  to purchase MEFIN.
2003 - The privatization of MEFIN is finalized. MEFIN becomes a member of the Walbridge Group and a more significant reorganization of MEFIN’s operations commences. Mr. Brian Coleman, a former Ford executive, becomes General Manager. MEFIN achieves the ISO 9001:2000 quality certification from Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.
2004 - MEFIN receives the prestigious TS16949:2002 quality certification from TUV Rheinland Group - Germany. MEFIN’s customer and product bases expanded to the automotive industry. MEFIN commences production for Western European automotive clients such as Delphi, Ina, LuK and Emerson among others.
2006 - MEFIN expands its presence to more than 50 countries located on four continents. For the first time in its history, the majority of production is for export. MEFIN parts are installed on the new Range Rover.
2007 - In anticipation of an economic downturn, MEFIN decides to stop supplying components to Western European automotive clients by mid-2008 and focus exclusively on developing proprietary products. Mr. Valentin Barba, a renown engineer and inventor, joins MEFIN's Board of Directors. A $1 mil. brand new plating line, based on German technology, is commissioned.
2008 - MEFIN builds its first Common Rail spare parts. Production for Western Automotive clients ends, after more than 1,000,000 components sold over the previous four years.
2009 - In the middle of a global financial crisis MEFIN unveils its first complete Common Rail fuel injection pump at Automechanika Dubai, and extends its after-marketproduct range to include Common Rail products for Bosch & Delphi applications and more advanced traditional spare parts for Delphi / Lucas applications (DP200, DPS, among others).
2010 - Demand for MEFIN’s new products exceeds supply on most markets and sales stabilize in spite o continuing economic crisis. MEFIN solidifies its presence in its more than 50 countries through aggressive marketing efforts on four continents. A new generation of Common Rail products reaches the prototype stage. More than $2 mil. is invested in production and research & development.
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