General Overview

MEFIN is a world-class manufacturer of diesel fuel injection systems and automotive components. MEFIN is one of the original licensees of Bosch and Lucas CAV (now part of Delphi), and has manufactured and sold more than 3,000,000 complete fuel injection systems.

Presently, more than 1,000,000 high-pressure fuel pumps and spare parts are sold every year to more than 15,000 service workshops and OEM factories located in 81 countries.

MEFIN's products are installed on diesel-powered tractors, trucks, passenger vehicles, industrial and construction equipment, generators and forklift trucks, among others.

MEFIN is an industry leader in traditional diesel fuel injection and has recently entered the latest-generation diesel fuel injection segment, Common Rail.

Major product families include: Delphi DPA, DPS, DP200/210/310, Bosch VE, VA, In-line A and P, as well as Stanandyne DB2 and DB4.

Products & Services

Diesel fuel injection equipment:
• DPA fuel injection pumps (MEFIN, Delphi, Lucas CAV);
• In-Line fuel injection pumps size A, P, MB and ZW (MEFIN, Bosch);
• VA / DB2 / DB4 / DM replacement fuel injection pumps (MEFIN, Bosch, Stanadyne);
• Common Rail CP1 high-pressure fuel injection pumps (MEFIN, Bosch).

Diesel fuel injection equipment:
• DPA fuel injection pumps (MEFIN, Delphi, Lucas CAV);
• In-Line fuel injection pumps size A, P, MB and ZW (MEFIN, Bosch);
• VA / DB2 / DB4 / DM replacement fuel injection pumps (MEFIN, Bosch, Stanadyne);
• Common Rail CP1 high-pressure fuel injection pumps (MEFIN, Bosch).

Spare parts for diesel fuel injection equipment:
• All spare parts for MEFIN / Delphi / Lucas CAV DPA, including hydraulic heads & rotors;
• Hydraulic heads & rotors for MEFIN / Delphi DPS, DP200/210/310, Bosch VE; Stanadyne DB2/DB4/DM;
• Control valves for Delphi / Bosch common rail injectors and common rail unit injector pumps;
• Pumping elements and delivery valves for MEFIN / Bosch In-Line (A, P, MB, ZW);
• Pumping elements, nozzle valves, axles and other spare parts for Bosch CP1 and MEFIN Common Rail;
• Fuel feed system components (feed and priming pumps, filters, high pressure pipes) and other engine parts;
• Other specialized components.

Operating Philosophy

MEFIN's business model encompasses a strong Romanian industrial tradition, German and English technology and American ownership and management.

MEFIN's core values form the foundation of our long-term strategic plan to become one of the world's best manufacturing companies, offering our customers products and services of the highest possible quality, at the lowest possible price, on a consistent basis.

Human Resources

More than 1,000 highly-experienced professionals in 81 countries are involved in MEFIN's operations and contribute on a daily basis to achieve MEFIN's objective of total customer satisfaction.

MEFIN implements a wide range of continuous improvement training programs as part of its Kaizen culture, with an average of 40 hrs. of training per employee per year.

MEFIN and its employees are involved in the local community, through charitable, volunteer and community-building actions. AS Carpati MEFIN is one of the oldest and most famous soccer teams in Romania.

Manufacturing Capabilities

MEFIN's vertically-integrated manufacturing platform features more than 2,000 metal-working machines and encompasses more than 100,000 square meters (1.1 milion square feet) of specialized manufacturing facilities.

Various in-house divisions such as heat treatment, foundry, forge, protective coating, tool-room, machine-tool building, metrological services and manufacturing and research & development (R&D) laboratories, among others, provide MEFIN with a high degree of autonomy, control and versatility.


Quality and reliability are MEFIN's two most important objectives. MEFIN has achieved the highest world-wide quality standards, being certified IATF/TS16949:2018 by world-renown auditors such as TUV Rheinland, Lloyd's UKAS, Moody International and RINA Group since 2004, and certified ISO 9001 since 2003.

The quality of MEFIN's products is widely recognized, and its Head & Rotors are considered the best in the world.


MEFIN is located in the Central part of Romania in the town of Sinaia, the former Summer residence of the Romanian Royal Family and one of the most prestigious mountain resorts in Eastern Europe.

MEFIN is strategically located on European highway E60 and is within easy driving distance from Bucharest (1.5 hrs.) and the Henri Coanda (Otopeni) International Airport (1 hr.)


Established in 1892, MEFIN is a leading manufacturer of diesel fuel injection systems with 120 years of industrial manufacturing experience and 60 years in production diesel equipment.

For more than 30 years, MEFIN was the principal supplier of fuel injection equipment to the Romanian diesel industry, which included ARO (SUVs), Universal Tractor Brasov (UTB) and ROMAN (heavy-duty trucks).

Acquired by DCI Walbridge Partners in 2003, MEFIN became a member of the Walbridge Group, a multi-billion euro contractor based in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
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